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Finding Your Ring Size

Whether you're buying a ring for yourself or for someone special, ordering the correct ring size may seem like a guessing game.

Not to worry though, we've provided some useful tips and tricks to help you find the correct size.

Ring Size & Ordering Information

When selecting a ring size on, available size options will display on each product page and are typically women’s sizes 5–9 and men’s sizes 9–12, including half sizes.

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How to Determine your Ring Size

Finding the right ring size is not as simple as taking a measurement. Things to consider that may impact your decision are: an active lifestyle, a warmer climate, aerobic activity, and even pregnancy. Also, as we age, our knuckles may tend to swell slightly, and for men, wider bands and rings tend to run smaller. After considering these factors, you may decide to order a half size larger to insure a proper fit.

Printable Size Chart

We offer an easy-to-use, printable ring size chart for your convenience.

Note: before printing, make sure the ‘Page Scaling’ is set to ‘NONE’ in your printer settings window.


Tips for Proper Measurement

  1. Verify that the printed Ring Sizer Guide matches a ruler

  2. After cutting out the ring sizer, pull it tight for an accurate size. You may need someone to help you to hold and read the measurement.

  3. Measure your finger later in the day, when it is at its largest. Avoid measuring when your fingers are cold.

  4. If you are using an existing ring and using the circle guides, make sure you measure using the inside diameter.

Sizing a Ring for Someone Else

Buying a ring for someone else? If possible, try and borrow a ring they currently wear for the finger they’ll wear it on and use our Printable Ring Size Chart and measure the inside diameter. Or, you can use a carrot as a substitute for the wearer’s finger. Simply slip the borrowed ring over the carrot, don’t force it, and mark the spot where the ring stops. Then wrap the Printable Ring Size Chart around the carrot above the marked spot for the approximate ring size.

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