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Artisan Coin Jewelry

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Changing Bands Coin Rings makes rings from silver, copper and clad (copper/nickel) coins. All of our coin rings are made from hand-picked coins from reputable coin dealers (who also ensure we are not damaging super rare coins). From traditional American coins to coins from around the world to unique "challenge" (coins that represent a particular group), we have it all. Our selection of coin rings continues to grow as we are constantly seeking out new coins to forge into unique coin rings. Take a quick look below at the fascinating process of forging a coin ring. This video is brief, and does not capture all the steps involved in forging a coin ring, but it hits the highlights! 

Each ring is made to order to the customer's exact specifications, such as coin choice, date (and whether they want the date on the inside or the outside of the ring), finish, and of course, size. Most coin rings can be made in sizes from 6 to 12. Larger coin rings can be made from larger coins (such as a Morgan Silver Dollar) in sizes up to 24.   Not sure what size coin ring to order? Your best bet is to stop by a jeweler. You can also checkout our sizing guide, or download the RightSize app for use on your iPhone or Android smart phone.


We love special requests! Have a coin you'd like us to make into a ring for you? No problem at all. You can ship it to us, or drop it by if you're in the central Texas area, and we'll forge it into a beautiful coin ring for just $45.  

Still have questions? Checkout our FAQ page, or drop us a line!


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